PL^G is an overarching term for a set of blockchain technologies that makes blockchain networks work more like the internet.

By connecting smaller, diverse blockchain networks together we are able to create a truly global, scalable, and evolving blockchain layer of the internet, just as the internet is a series of smaller physical networks which are connected into a larger logical network through common protocols.

PL^G is designed to ensure that developers do not need to learn specific languages and skills in order to build a blockchain, or a blockchain-enabled application.

Scalable blockchain infrastructure

We’ve worked with companies of all sizes and some of the most common concerns we hear about moving to a blockchain environment are:

The technology may be superseded by something better in several years.

There’s a lack of standardisation, integration and scalability. The PL^G mainnet, or PL^Gnet, will enable a peer-to-peer environment for other blockchains, who are either based on the PL^G framework, or utilise other core technologies.

This allows PL^G customers to build services that can interact with other blockchain-based applications, without the application requiring manual integration for each different protocol and/or network.

The PL^G blockchain has been built specifically to integrate with all existing legacy systems, without the need for costly developer restructuring.

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